I love the feeling of going to the mountains. The static of life in the city fades away. The challenge of moving through rugged landscapes brings me out of my head and into my body. I love long days on the trail where time slows down and the Experience lives in my memory for years. I created the alpenflo project to share my passion for seeking an authentic life through outdoor Experience.

photojournal: alpenflo x Territory adventure running clinic

-5 minute read-

In early October I put on a two-part adventure running clinic, with the goal of empowering local runners with the knowledge and skills to plan big mountain runs of their own. We had a great time together learning and exploring the Mount Hood Wilderness. Photographer Steven Mortinson joined us and documented the journey.

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summer run

-two minute video-

Oh I am definitely jumping in that thing, I thought to myself.

We were midway through our run up Hamilton Mountain, it was a hot summer day and as we passed the waterfall cascading into the pool I could barely resist the urge to hop in that cool, dark water right then and there.

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a new mindset for racing

-8 minute read-

At the race director’s signal the pack surrounding me pulsed into motion. Runners who had massed at the start a moment ago burst through the black arch and flooded onto the trail like a torrent unleashed. I climbed through the forest in the early morning light, riding the wave of energy. We ran through thinning trees and burst into the sun, hanging a left at the Loowit trail. 30 miles later, after circumnavigating Mt Saint Helens, we’d reach this junction again and sprint downhill to the finish. 

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kit: fast and light backpacking

-5 minute video-

When I first started backpacking I had an 80 liter backpack and filled every nook of it. Multiple changes of clothes, heavy gear, and a lack of intention contributed to my backbreaking load. As I got more into trail running I discovered how much I enjoyed moving in the mountains with a light kit. It was time to reassess my backpack.

In this video, I take you through the kit I use for light backpacking trips and give you some tips on packing.

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