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alpenflo experiences are opportunities to connect to ourselves, our community, and the wild places that nourish our spirit.

In the wilderness time slows down and distraction gives way to clarity. Physical challenge and mental peace are perfect conditions to find our direction and start to build the meaningful, connected lives we seek. The visceral experience of living, of hunger and thirst and an aching body, connects us to our values and the people we share the experience with.

Great course! Thank you, JT, you have a very inclusive and educational manner and you’re a great leader for this type of trip.
— Alec D, Portland

Are you interested in finding a more complete version of yourself? Has fear or uncertainty kept you from having the wilderness experiences you dream about? Have you heard rumors about the big adventures on offer around the PNW, but you don’t know where to start?

alpenflo experiences are designed to provide inspiration, empowerment, and support for those looking to expand their wilderness horizons in a community of like-minded people. On all my trips, I emphasize humility, support for one another, and respect for the natural world. Learning is more fun with great people! alpenflo trips are a place to learn and grow as individuals and a community, and we have fun with it!

If you’d like to empower yourself to complete big adventures in the mountains, and do it in a supportive, collaborative, and fun environment, look no further.

Such a fun experience! I learned so much! Thank you!!
— Marisol V, Portland
This is the best way for the average runner to gain the confidence and skills to access the incredible scenery off-trail travel can offer.
— Michael G, Portland

Your Guide: JT Lehman is an experienced and accomplished backcountry traveler, trail-runner, and ski-mountaineer. For his qualifications and experience, see his guide resume.

JT Lehman en route to winning the 2019 Wy’East Howl 50k. photo Steven Mortinson

JT Lehman en route to winning the 2019 Wy’East Howl 50k. photo Steven Mortinson

I’d totally recommend this course to all my trail-running friends, JT was competant, knowledgable, and a joy to spend time on (and off) trail with!
— Shawn D, Portland