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I love the feeling of going to the mountains. The static of life in the city fades away. The challenge of moving through rugged landscapes brings me out of my head and into my body. I love long days on the trail where time slows down and the Experience lives in my memory for years. I created the alpenflo project to share my passion for seeking an authentic life through outdoor Experience.

why alpenflo?

-5 minute read-

Why build the alpenflo project?

I’ve been asking myself that question a lot recently. The project has evolved significantly over the last year, and as it has my answers to that question have clarified.

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how-to: backcountry route planning - part III, favorite tools

-5 minute read-

looking to level-up your backcountry route-planning game? In the third and final part of my series on backcountry route planning, I’ll review some of my favorite tools for backcountry planning and navigation including Caltopo, Gaia GPS, and Avenza. Use this as a resource to select the tool that’s right for you and your adventures.

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how-to: backcountry route planning - part I, before the trip

-15 minute read-

Have you ever flipped through a guidebook and had a rising sense of tunnel vision? If you’re ready to pull the blinders off and open up your horizons, there’s a whole world of custom adventure waiting to be discovered. Over the next three weeks I’ll walk you through some tools and techniques to launch your own custom trip.

This week we’ll build a custom map in Caltopo and transfer our notes to the Gaia GPS app for use in the field.

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mini-guide: mount hood ski circumnav

-8 minute read-

The ski-circumnavigation of Mount Hood offers some unique rewards for a tour so close to Portland. You get the challenge of working your way through varied terrain that requires a variety of skills, a big mountain feel, and a fairly long ski traverse. For Ryan and I, it was a fun opportunity to practice working and problem solving together, and spend a full day taking in our home mountain.

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