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I love the feeling of going to the mountains. The static of life in the city fades away. The challenge of moving through rugged landscapes brings me out of my head and into my body. I love long days on the trail where time slows down and the Experience lives in my memory for years. I created the alpenflo project to share my passion for seeking an authentic life through outdoor Experience.

why alpenflo?

Why build the alpenflo project?

I’ve been asking myself that question a lot recently. The project has evolved significantly over the last year, and my answers to that question have clarified.

I wrote this article to describe the core values that drive alpenflo and my vision for how they’ll manifest. If the following resonates I hope you’ll help the project by engaging with it and sharing it with friends who might find it useful. 

I’m glad you found alpenflo, thanks for being here.


On the North side of Mount Hood, twenty miles or so into the Timberline Trail, Sean and I knelt at the side of a glacial creek to wash the trail-dust from our faces and arms. After hand-ladling the cold, clear water over ourselves we rose and stood dripping, looking up at the mountains parabolic curve.

We were halfway through our planned circumnavigation. Mount Hood’s bulk stood between us and the car. We were fully committed to the route. In that moment I wasn’t thinking about email, obligations, or anything but the mountain on my left and the friend on my right. The day felt long. My head felt clear.

I often have that sense of clarity in the wilderness. The static fades and the visceral feeling of hunger, thirst, and an aching body connects me to myself and the people I share the Experience with. Time slows down and I find myself reconnecting with what really matters.

I believe that time is precious, community makes life rich, and we should support each other to be our best selves. alpenflo is built around those values, and has three goals - to inspire, empower, and support people who believe in its vision. 

alpenflo is a gathering place for people looking to live differently. It’s a place to come for stories to inspire you to get outside and disconnect from the stress and busyness of modern life. To get out of your head and into your body. To learn how to push further into the wilderness. alpenflo Experiences are opportunities to learn and grow in a community of people who share our values.

Back on the Timberline Trail, Sean and I had hours to go. We climbed the mountain’s dusty flanks and plunged into its glacial gorges. We ran through its moss-lined tunnels and burst into its alpine sun. We struggled up the last long climb from the Sandy River and arrived at the car with shoes wet from river crossings and feet caked in sand from the alpine. We were tired and sore, but as we shared a beer and a snack we felt connected, and life felt a little more in-focus.

Do you feel like there’s more out there for you and you want to explore what it might be? Do you have a desire to build a deeper connection to your values, yourself, and your community? Are you curious about the alpenflo project? Enter your email below, shoot me a note with the contact form, or follow alpenflo on instagram and together we’ll build this thing!

-jt lehman - Portland, OR

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