I love the feeling of going to the mountains. The static of life in the city fades away. The challenge of moving through rugged landscapes brings me out of my head and into my body. I love long days on the trail where time slows down and the Experience lives in my memory for years. I created the alpenflo project to share my passion for seeking an authentic life through outdoor Experience.

Welcome to alpenflo! The aim of this project is to create change and build a community around our core values of time and connection. We’ll honor those values by spending time outside, challenging ourselves while we learn and grow together.

The problem we’re facing is this: today we have more access to information than any past generation. It’s a blessing, to be sure, but it comes with huge demands on our limited energy and attention. Amidst the static that surrounds us it’s easy to lose touch with what really matters.

Those of us lucky enough to live in rich countries don’t have to worry about basic needs, but our higher-order needs go unfulfilled. We often accept time-poverty and disconnection as a way of life. Busyness stands in for healthy upward movement. We pass our neighbors without looking up from our phones.

photo Brenna Ellis

photo Brenna Ellis

I believe there’s a better way. We can take back our time and find the human connection we all need. The goal of the alpenflo project is to inspire change and build a community to support us in this brave and important work.

Why mountains? In the wilderness time slows down and distraction gives way to clarity. Physical challenge and mental peace are perfect conditions to find our direction and start to build the meaningful, connected lives we seek. The visceral experience of living, of hunger and thirst and an aching body, connects us to our values and the people we share the experience with.

Reconnection starts in airplane-mode. Ready? Join me in building this thing!

Want more? I wrote this article to describe why I’m building the alpenflo project.

photo Brady Lawrence

photo Brady Lawrence


about me

I grew up in Mt Hood’s shadow, perched on the edge of the Columbia River Gorge. Throughout my childhood my brother and I would roam our parent’s farm exploring the forest, pond, and pastures chasing snakes and building forts. I think it’s those childhood days that make me restless when I’m inside and there’s blue sky in the window.

I still find my greatest sense of peace and perspective outside. These days you can find me wandering the mountains on foot, or hanging by the river with a book and a pen.

If you’re considering taking one of my trips, you can find my credentials and experience in my guide resume.

I’m glad you found my project, and I hope you enjoy it.

-jt lehman - portland, OR