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I love the feeling of going to the mountains. The static of life in the city fades away. The challenge of moving through rugged landscapes brings me out of my head and into my body. I love long days on the trail where time slows down and the Experience lives in my memory for years. I created the alpenflo project to share my passion for seeking an authentic life through outdoor Experience.

wallowa hut skiing

-5 minute read-

The light dimmed and the patch of snow visible through the yurt’s single window changed from white to blue. I rose from my seat by the fire, grabbed the door latch and wrenched it inward against the stick of the jam. A path led to the two smaller sleeping yurts and the pit toilet. My puffy nylon slippers swished over the firm snow as the path turned to ice in the late-evening cold. I stopped outside the ring of light thrown by the propane lanterns. I took a breath, peed against a tree, and turned to walk back to the raucous good-timing of the main yurt. I took a step and paused.

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traveling alone

-10 minute read-

I clearly remember the feeling. A swelling in my chest and a sense of the world opening in front of me. I was driving a beat-up Toyota minivan south on US 97 into California. The sun beat the blacktop and the open plain stretched away toward Mt Shasta in the distance. I had just left Oregon with everything I’d have for the next year. A couple of rubbermaid gear bins and a cooler stuffed under a platform bed in the back. The passenger seat was empty, nothing but possibility on the horizon.

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mount rainier in a day

Our three headlamps pan the steep snow ramp like searchlights as we work upward in the dark.  The sweep of light reveals a craggy  wall to our left and sun-cupped snow disappearing into the night above. The scrape of our crampons is the only sound in the dead air.  We move slow to conserve energy and allow careful crampon placement, wary of a long fall on the firm snow.

Without warning a rock the size of a softball hums out of the darkness above and slams into my thigh.

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